Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Terms & conditions

Hello and welcome to Altawheed Group Company. In order to communicate with the largest number of customers, the company has established an electronic commercial store as part of its diligent work towards providing the best and easiest services to its customers in a sophisticated and distinctive way under the slogan (Excellence is the secret of success). .


Terms and Conditions: All obligations that fall on the user or customer of the site, which are the matters and rules governing dealing with the site, purchasing and payment methods, etc.

User: is the person visiting or registered on the site who views and interacts with the site by posting and commenting

Customer: A user who subsequently uses the site to make purchases of the site’s products

Content: means any listed material, lists, publications, messages, texts, files, images or other materials published on the site

Privacy: It is the method used by site administrators regarding the data of users and visitors to the site.

Authorized agent: He is the legal person responsible for guaranteeing the products of international brands within the Egyptian country against manufacturing defects, as well as carrying out repair work

The first item: website membership

AltawheedGroup.com membership is granted to every applicant after agreeing to the terms and conditions for using the site, taking into account that the user does not have the right to register membership with two accounts or with incorrect, fictitious data. Otherwise, the site officials have the right to freeze or cancel one or both of them. Creating a private account is considered The user expressly agrees to these terms and conditions and is fully subject to what is stated therein.


The second item: Acceptance of the terms and conditions

AltawheedGroup.com website represents an electronic commercial store managed by Altawheed Company, and the contents of the website are uploaded by those responsible. This page explains the terms and conditions of use of the website, which allows the user (visitor – registered) to complete purchases and browsing operations, as well as inquire and inquire about the products advertised on the website. It is considered Acceptance of the terms and conditions are effective rules for dealing between the user and the site…

Therefore, we ask you to read the terms of use very carefully before starting to use the site

The Three item: Terms of Use

Under these terms, the user agrees to:

Refrain from writing any comments or publishing or sending any content through our website that represents (phrases or content that constitutes insult, defamation, defamation, threat, or is of an offensive, indecent, and sarcastic nature, or is of a political nature, or is of a nature that criticizes governments or ministries, or is of a sexual and pornographic nature, and violates public morals and ethics, or It is against the divine religions, has a racist nature, contains false and misleading data, includes a reference to information about people without their permission, represents an advertisement for competitive or illegal products, is of an advertising nature for companies or sites in the same field, contains software viruses or hacking software, or something similar. A character that does not fit with the topic of publication and discussions)

Refrain from harassing, stalking, or harassing users of the site

Refrain from contacting users of the site who do not do so

For the avoidance of doubt…

Altawheed Group.com reserves the full right to remove any comment or content that we consider objectionable or that conflicts with public morals, ethics, laws and regulations in force within the Arab Republic of Egypt without the need for prior notice, in addition to taking all actual and legal measures and judicial prosecution against those who violate what Previously mentioned, taking into account that all of this is subject to our absolute discretion regarding the above, as well as with regard to the size of the file, the number of materials that can be published, as well as the time available for comments or your posting of content on our site to remain and respond to them.

The Four item: Entering the website

The right granted to the user by the site to use and browse our website is not comprehensive, absolute and final, but is based on a temporary basis and is always and constantly reversible without us being responsible for withdrawing the license to access the site and canceling the membership without prior notice. The right granted to the user by the site to use and browse our website is not comprehensive, absolute and final, but is based on a temporary basis and is always and constantly reversible without any responsibility on us to withdraw the access license to the site and cancel membership without prior notice.:

The User may not collect or collect any data about Site use

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