Araree iPad 11 PAPER-LIKE FILM Premium Anti Glare Screen Protector Film


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Araree iPad Pro 11 Film, Paper Like Writing Feel, Easy to Write, Protective Film, Anti-Fingerprint, Smooth, Anti-Glare, LCD Protective Film, Anti-Fingerprint, Protection Sheet [Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 11 2020, 2nd Generation, Eyepad Pro 11 inch 2020] Clear

Product Specifications: Compatible Models: iPad Pro 11 Inch 2nd Gen 2020 Model (Apple iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd Generation) ◆ Includes: 1 LCD Protective Film, 1 Wet Cleaner, 1 Cleaning Cloth, 1 Dust Removal Sticker. ◆ Size: Approx. 9.6 x 6.9 x 0.03 cm ◆ Weight: Approx. 9.6 x 0.03 cm : 18 g Material: PET (polyethylene tephthalate); Model Number: AE_PP7SPLKPF_CL

Product Features: Fingerprint Reduction Treatment: Yes; Film Thickness: 0.06 inches (0.14 mm); Tip Abrasion Reduction: Yes; Anti-Glare Treatment: Yes; Blue Light Cut: None; Anti-Seeing Treatment: No; Reposition: Not available

Paper like type: The film reproduces the feel of writing on paper when used with a stylus. Special treatment applied to the surface of the film minimizes wear on the tip

Ultra-thin Design: The 0.06 inch (0.14 mm) thickness allows the LCD screen to respond well and is thick enough to not interfere with the case

(Anti-reflection) The LCD screen is made to reduce the glare of sunlight and fluorescent lights. In addition, it has been treated with a special treatment that makes fingerprints less visible and does not stain easily

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