Smart Gate School Backpack 18 Inch SP/B Multi Color

Smart Gate

School backpack for children, size 18 inches, made of durable nylon fabric materials and high pockets to protect books, all accessories and school tools.


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In stock


18-inch School Backpack for Children:

– Durable Materials: Made of sturdy nylon fabric to ensure the bag’s durability and resistance to wear and tear.

– Main Pockets (3): Designed with spacious main pockets to protect essential school books and supplies.

– Secondary Pockets (None): With no secondary pockets, it makes organizing contents easier within the main compartment.

– Side Pockets (2): Equipped with side pockets perfect for carrying water bottles or additional items conveniently.

– Dimensions: Measuring 10 x 35 x 46 centimeters, making it suitable for daily use by children at school.

– Weight: Approximately 0.60 kilograms only, making it lightweight and suitable for children without burdening them.

– Additional Features:
– Can accommodate 18 -inch school books, making it suitable for most school curriculums.
– Includes two side pockets for carrying water bottles or any additional items the child may need.
– The small pocket helps keep important school supplies and accessories like pens and rulers organized.
– Comes with padded and adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort while carrying.
– Sweat-resistant back, making it suitable for extended use without discomfort.

– Colors: Available in blue color cartoon designs, making it attractive for children to choose from.

This school backpack combines durability and practicality with comfortable details, making it an ideal choice for children to safely and organizedly carry their school belongings.

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