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Samsung 25W USB-C Power Adapter 1-Port 3 Pin Black


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In stock


Powerfully refined

The new Power Adapter boosts your workstation with up to 25W Super Fast Charging for devices compatible with USB Type-C cables.

A black Power Adapter is seen casting a shadow on an arrow located below it that points to the right, to which the adapter's plug is also aligned.

*Super Fast Charging(SFC) is Samsung’s charging method based on Power Delivery 3.0.
**SFC is supported for Galaxy Notes (Note10 and higher), Galaxy S Series (S10 5G and higher), and other SFC capable devices.
***For optimum results, please use with authentic Samsung cables which can be purchased separately.
****Charging cable is included depending on the model.

Compact yet powerful

They’re getting smaller and smaller. Your Power Adapter, available in Black and White, is now slimmer and more travel-friendly than its predecessor, thanks to GaN Tech.

At the top, two Power Adapters, in black and white, are shown. To the bottom left, a white Power Adapter shows the side with the USB-C port. To the bottom right, a white Power Adapter is placed in front of a Galaxy smartphone device.

*A GaN charger is smaller and more energy-efficient due to its gallium nitride material content instead of silicon.
**GaN technology may not be available depending on country or region of purchase.

Save on the stand-by

Not always full-throttle. The Power Adapter minimizes your standby power from 20mW to 5mW, maximizing your energy savings up to 75%. It’s also made from a blend of materials that are mindful of the planet, which keeps us attentive in more ways.

*Plastic of Power Adapter was created using recycled materials which has been validated by the UL.
**The plastic part of EP-T2510 contains a minimum of 20% recycled content.


A white Power Adapter shows the side with the USB-C port. Encircling the adapter is a ring that shows a thunderbolt icon as well as text that reads '5 mw'. At the bottom right, a UL Environmental Claim Validation Mark is shown that reads 'VALIDATED. The plastic part of EP-T2510 contains a minimum of 20% recycled content. UL.COM/ECV'.

As safe as is fast

Nothing’s more important. Stay safe from overcurrent, short circuits and high-temperature, low leakages and more.


A white Power Adapter is placed plug-face-up. On the adapter, a thunderbolt icon is shown along with text below that reads 'Fast Charging'.

Compatible with Type-C

Throw it in inside your bag of devices. Up to 25W charging for the workstation and your fleet of Type-C compatible devices, not to mention your Galaxy Family.

A birds-eye-view of various devices are shown with a black Power Adapter and a USB-C cable placed at the center. To the left, a Blue Galaxy Z Flip4 and a Galaxy S23 are shown. To the right, Buds 2 Pro in Bora Purple and a Galaxy Tab S8 are shown.

*Actual charging speed may also vary depending on the actual usage, charging conditions, connected devices and other factors.
**Charging cable is included depending on the model.

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