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360 Audio experience on Dolby Atmos

“24-bit audio support is just the start of some sweeping improvements.”

Android Authority

Robert Tiggs


“The Galaxy Buds2 Pro look like the Samsung earbuds we’ve been waiting for”

Digital Trends

Joe Maring


From Digital Trends. © 2022 Digital Trends Media Group. All rights reserved. Used under license.

“The audio is crisp and clear across all levels with the earbuds getting nice and loud at the top end.”


Adnan Farooqui


“As top-end earbuds go, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro seem to tick every box.”


Tom Morgan


  • AI assistance right in your ear
  • Intelligent Active Nolise Cancellation
  • Enhanced 360 Audio
  • Secure, comfortable fit

Galaxy AI is here

Use the interpreter feature on your compatible Galaxy phone to hear crystal-clear translations through your Galaxy Buds, whether in-person or over the phone.*†– Go to footnote.


Over the phone

They say “hola,” you hear “hello.” Wish you could speak like a local, no matter where you go? Now it’s easy to communicate freely with someone in another language. Simply use the interpreter feature on your Galaxy phone to hear crystal-clear real-time translations through your Galaxy Buds during face-to-face conversations.
GUIs of Interpreter app can be seen, with translated English and Spanish onscreen. Between the …


Hearing is believing

A woman enjoying herself while DJing at a party with Buds2 Pro in her left ear.


Hear sound
as it was intended,
wirelesslyThe inside mechanics of the Buds2 Pro

2-way speakers
for wide frequency response
10mm woofer
for deep bass
5.3mm tweeter
for crisp treble

Hi-Fi audio

A purple Galaxy Flip device on the left and Buds2 Pro in the same color on the right.
A 3D sound wave with fragments in the waveform to indicate a less-smooth sound.16-bit
Right shows a 3D smooth sound wave to indicate a smoother sound experience.24-bit

Right shows a 3D smooth sound wave to indicate a smoother sound experience.

Studio-quality sound isn’t just for the pros. This immersive listening experience starts at the source with full 24-bit audio for clear, rich audio.1– Go to footnote.


Hear what’s importantTwo white Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds paced one in front of the other using a short depth of field. …

…and cut out the rest with Intelligent Active Noise Cancellation.2– Go to footnote. It quiets even the loudest sounds so you can tune in to what matters most.

When it’s time to let the outside world in, switching to in-person conversations is easy with Intelligent Conversation Mode utilizing voice detect.

Two women laughing and having a conversation while facing each other. The woman on the right has …

Simply start talking and it automatically lowers your volume and puts your Buds in Ambient Mode so you can hear the other person’s voice loud and clear.3– Go to footnote.


Like 3D glasses
for your earsA man showing a Buds2 Pro in his ear

Add a new dimension to your listening. Enhanced 360 audio follows your head movements for a personalized surround-sound experience. 4– Go to footnote.5– Go to footnote.

What is 360 Audio?

360 Audio is a feature that pinpoints the direction of the sound as you move your head, putting your ears right in the scene.


Cone-shaped sound funnels are directed at a mannequin head from the left and right. Then, five funnels of sound face the head from all around. Next, the funnels transform into an orb that surrounds the entire head.


Sound on for deeper dimension

With Dolby Atmos, movies and music move around you in a way they can’t with standard sound. An immersive soundscape free from simple left or right channels surrounds you in details with direction. Grab your earbuds to try out 360 Audio and hear what you’ve been missing.8– Go to footnote.9– Go to footnote.



A vocalist, guitarist and percussionist perform together as they record music in a studio.

Grab your earbuds to try out 360 Audio sound


Record like a pro

A young man holding his Galaxy Z Flip4 with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro in his ears is recording a …
The Camera app is open and in video recording mode. A woman is playing tennis in the view finder.
Content creators, take note. Shoot captivating videos anywhere — without bulky equipment — and get high-quality audio that brings out the best in your voice.10– Go to footnote.

Hear from the creators

See how social media influencers use 360 Audio Recording to pull their followers into the scene.11– Go to footnote.12– Go to footnote.13– Go to footnote.
  • Vlog & Social


    A young woman waits at a train platform. She takes out a Galaxy Buds2 Pro case and places the earbuds in her ears. In the camera app, 360 Audio Recording is activated. She checks her makeup in the selfie camera of her Galaxy Z Flip4. As the train pulls into the station, the 360 Audio Recording toggle is activated. She boards the train. Next, the 360 Audio Recording toggle is activated again as she waits at a crosswalk during the day. She is holding up her Galaxy Buds2 Pro cradle on her right hand. Suddenly, it changes from day to nighttime. She closes the cradle and crosses the crosswalk with her earbuds in her ears. Next, she is seen walking down a pedestrian tunnel, recording with her Galaxy Z Flip4. Next, she poses for the camera from a seated position. Next, she arrives home, puts her earbuds in the cradle, and jumps into bed to sleep. Samsung logo.

  • Music & Dance


    A young man touches his earbud in his right ear. Next, a group of young men including him are all seen together in a dance studio doing hip hop dance. Various angles and shots of them show them interacting with the camera in a dynamic way. Then the 360 Audio Recording toggle is activated. They film themselves dancing with the selfie mode on, using 360 Audio Recording. At the same time the view finder screen they’re seeing is shown above the phone the man is holding up. The view finder disappears and they dance for the camera. Then they make circle and keep dancing. The 360 Audio Recording toggle is activated. Suddenly, they jump together and are transported back outside to a sidewalk. The 360 Audio Recording toggle is activated. They continue dancing down the street. Samsung logo.

  • Sports & Activities


    A young woman is sitting outdoors. She takes her Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds from the cradle and places them in her ears. Next, she is walking while carrying a skateboard in one arm and using her Galaxy Z Flip4 in the other. Using the camera app in selfie mode, she turns on 360 audio recording. At the same time, the 360 audio recording toggle is activated. She records herself posing for the camera, and then skateboarding in the park. There are various shots of her spinning on the skateboard and touring the park with the earbuds in her ears. The toggle is activated twice. She slowly stops and her back is seen to the camera. Samsung logo.

Grab your earbuds to try out 360 Audio sound


A Galaxy in perfect sync

Two people lying next to each other on the ground. The guy on the left positioned upside down is …


Seamless sound

Easy Pair quickly connects Buds with the rest of your Galaxy.14– Go to footnote. Simply open the case and tap the notification on your device to start listening.

Ready to listen on a different device? Auto Switch 6– Go to footnote. seamlessly transfers audio between your Galaxy phone, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Tab — and for the first time ever — even your Samsung TV. 15– Go to footnote.16– Go to footnote.


Leave no
Bud behind

Can’t find your Buds? SmartThings Find will lead you to the last location connected.17– Go to footnote.
An open white Galaxy Buds2 Pro case with one bud inside and the other bud floating outside the case.
If you forget a Bud and walk away, you’ll get an alert when disconnected so you don’t accidentally leave them behind.17– Go to footnote.


In tune with you


Always in your comfort

A size comparison between the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds2 Pro.
15 %
size reduction18– Go to footnote.
Smaller and lighter than ever before for a secure, comfortable fit.
A lifestyle shot of a woman’s ear that has a Buds2 Pro inside.
A closeup of the ear that has a Buds2 Pro inside.
Pop ‘em in and forget they’re there. Whether you’re working or working out, make moves comfortably and confidently.

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